Creating meaningful longevity

At advoKate longevity, we specialize in helping our Members build meaningful longevity, and we do this by utilizing the advoKate Method Perspective. We partner with you to get creative, collaborate, and design a custom multidisciplinary approach to improve mental and physical fitness, nutrition, social connection, and long term fulfillment.
Our Team knows that Your needs are your needs: they’re a direct reflection and accumulation of your life experiences and your unique life story. The support you receive from advoKate Longevity will be built around the specifics and priorities of where and who you are right now – and as that shifts over time, the Method Perspective will, too.

Coaching &

We offer person-directed and organizational support. Select the option that best describes your needs.

Longevity Pillars

As Gerontologists, we build health equity with clients in areas across the lifespan - making our work broad. Below, you’ll find some examples of our current focal points.